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Selling with Social Media

Fill Your Funnel Book Cover
Fill Your Funnel Book Cover
Best Seller Ribbon Dan Portik portrait

Dan Portik

In sales, filling a sales pipeline with qualified leads is the magic behind predictable income and massive commission checks. In Fill Your Funnel, get step-by-step instructions on using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to generate leads and fill your sales funnel.

Learn what experts Tom Hopkins and Dan Portik know about social media strategies to generate leads. This book contains social media posts and email templates from successful campaigns to show you how to set up an effective social media campaign that drives conversations.

If you're striving to become successful in sales, this book contains the resources you are seeking. Learn how to:

  • Create an attractive online presence for professionals
  • Navigate the differences between Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Build social media profiles for salespeople
  • Effectively prospect in LinkedIn Groups
  • Send posts at the most opportune times
  • Format a video post
  • Create social media follow-up templates

Social media selling doesn't need to be hard if you know the system. By following the system in Fill Your Funnel, you will be set up for an amazing year.

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Tom Hopkins